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about us

Our history as M&F Business Corporation began in 2005 at Atlanta, GA and more than 10 years later, on 2016, we expanded our market and open a new location at Savannah. Those who have known us since then, have come to trust our commitment to our principal values: honesty, quality and customer service. Our experience in the stone market comes from our family; they have been in the natural stone business for over 30 years. Our owner grew up traveling with his family between different quarries. His father was a quarry manager of an old, large Brazilian granite and marble company. Inspired by his father, our owner also started to work in the natural stone industry; first as an employee; until he had gained the experience and knowledge necessary to start his own company. In 1986, he opened Gramarcal, the first family owned company in Brazil.

 Gramarcal was established with little start-up money, in a complicated market; Brazil was in the throes of economic turmoil. It took a lot of hard work and determination, which has not ceased as Gramarcal became successful and continue to this day. As a direct supplier of natural stone slabs; M&F was built on the same principals of hard work and determination, which made our family successful in Brazil. Our history is what make us very proud of who we are and what we represent. Being a direct distributor of Gramarcal materials, this allow us, the ability to offer to our customers an extensive material selection, meeting or exceeding the highest quality standards, and competitive prices. Only by knowing the origin of our material, how each slab is processed and our 30 plus years relationship whit quarries in Brazil and around the word, we can be confident in our material and excellent prices.

What we pledge…
• To provide you with the best value possible in all purchases.
• To promptly respond with pricing information and availability.
• To offer a wide variety of exotic and classic materials.

Our Mission…
• Provide consistent high-quality customer service and products to our valued customers.
• Provide innovative, high quality products and services to enhance our customers long-term growth by understanding and anticipating their specific needs.
• Achieve 100% customer satisfaction and consistently provide the best value possible.